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Shawn LeBlanc, LL.B

Shawn LeBlanc, LL.B

Senior Attorney

Canadian immigration lawyer Shawn LeBlanc completed his degree at Saint Mary’s University before obtaining a law degree from Dalhousie Law School, one of Canada’s oldest and most prestigious law schools.  Mr. LeBlanc dedicates his time entirely to the practice of Canadian immigration law, and is frequently consulted by multinationals and government authorities on Canadian immigration matters of the highest significance.

Mr. LeBlanc is a member of both the Nova Scotia Barristers’ Society and the Barreau du Quebec (c.l.a). Mr. LeBlanc is also a member of the Quebec Immigration Lawyers Association and the Canadian Bar Association.

Matthew Watt, BA, RCIC

Matthew Watt, BA, RCIC

Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Watt is responsible for the operational and financial management of the firm.

He holds a degree from Mount Allison University and comes from a background in politics and government.  Before establishing, Mr. Watt gained exposure to Canadian immigration matters as a senior aide to a Member of Parliament. He subsequently spent several years in a management capacity with other large Canadian immigration law firms.

Mr. Watt is a good-standing member of the Immigration Consultants Of Canada Regulatory Council (R509492).

Winston I. Cuenant, Esq.

Winston I. Cuenant, Esq.

Of Counsel

Mr. Cuenant is a graduate of St. Thomas University School of Law where he was a member of the Honours Mock Trial Team and publicly recognized for his outstanding services in pro-bono work. Mr. Cuenant clerked for international commercial law firm Clyde & Co. in Paris, France. Prior to law, he attained a B.A. from Boston College and worked for an international trade inspections company in Montreal, Canada. Mr. Cuenant is admitted to the U.S. District Court Southern District of Florida and is a member of the Florida Bar and serves as U.S. counsel to First Immigration Law Firm.