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Canadian Immigration Lawyer

If you have received a full-time permanent job offer, Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) and Human Resources and Social Development Canada (HRSDC) will be responsible for confirming whether the job offer is to be approved.

HRSDC will base its confirmation on specific conditions. The offer must include enough information as to decide whether:

  • The offer of employment is genuine;
  • The wages and working conditions of the employment are sufficient to attract and retain Canadians; and
  • The employment is full-time and not seasonal.

A Canadian immigration lawyer at our law firm will ensure a comprehensive perspective is applied to your situation and will review your options with you.

The Job Offer

CIC and HRSDC requires Canadian employers to prepare a formal employment contract or a Job Offer Letter for future employees, the contract must include the following information:

  • A job title for the position being offered;
  • A job description, including main duties and responsibilities;
  • The necessary requirements for the position, including a list of necessary professional credentials, education, skills, experience, and licenses, as required;
  • Start and end dates of the position, if applicable, and details regarding those;
  • The salary that is being offered – that should include both wages and other forms of payment;
  • The employer`s name and address, as well as employee’s future address of the place of work; this must also include details of a contact person at the company in Canada who is also familiar with the job offer.

The conditions that the Canadian company is offering must be consistent with Canadian labour standards; this will be confirmed by HRDSC. HRSDC first confirms that the job offer is valid with a Labour Market Opinion (LMO); this enables CIC to grant the company’s future employees the authorization to work in Canada.

Please note: The Province of Quebec requires that the job offer also be approved by the Quebec Government.