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This New Brunswick PNP category recognizes the importance of family values and assist foreign nationals to immigrate to a community in New Brunswick where they will have family support. Although a job offer is not required under this category, both the applicant and the family member supporting their immigration to New Brunswick (referred to as the Family Supporter) must meet a number of requirements to be eligible for the this New Brunswick PNP category. Although they are not exactly the same, the family supporter is similar to a sponsor under the federal Canadian sponsorship programs

An experienced Canada immigration lawyer from our full-service law firm can assist you with your application. Below are the eligibility requirements for the Applicant under this NBPNP category:

  • The applicant, or the applicant’s spouse/common law partner, must be a non-dependent child, brother, sister, niece nephew or grandchild of the Family supporter.
  • Applicants must be between 22 and 50 years of age. The Applicant’s age is assessed on the day the application is received by the NBPNP.
  • The applicant must have sufficient proficiency in English or French to fulfill the job duties in their intended occupation. The New Brunswick PNP requires that language tests results are submitted as proof of your proficiency. Exams results submitted must not be older than two years from the time the applicant wrote such exam.
  • Provide proof of education, qualifications or licenses needed to fulfill the job duties of your intended occupations.
  • The New Brunswick Provincial Nominee program requires that applicant intend to live and work in the province of New Brunswick. Although a job offer is not mandatory, the applicant must be employable in New Brunswick.  Applicant’s are employable based on their training and experience related to their intended occupation, which includes having the necessary licensing or certification required. Applicant’s must also submit Settlement Plan for New Brunswick immigration officers to review.
  • Applicant has at least two years on continuous full-time work experience within the last fives years, for the occupation they intend to pursue in New Brunswick.
  • The applicant’s job/occupation must also be recognized as one of the eligible occupations under Canadian immigration law.
  • Applicant’s must have sufficient funds to support themselves and their family. Applicants must have a minimum of $10,000 Canadian and plus an additional $2,000 for each family member.
  • New Brunswick immigration also requires that applicant’s submit all the necessary forms and documents, and that such forms and documents are properly completed.

Below you will find the NBPNP eligibility requirements for the family member who is supporting the applicant in their application (the “Family Supporter”).

  • The family supporter, or the spouse/common law partner of the family supporter, may support the applicant if the applicant is either your child, brother, sister, niece, nephew or grandchild.
  • The family supporter must have their Canadian citizenship or a Canadian permanent residency. He or she must also be residing full-time in the province of New Brunswick.
  • The family supporter must have been operating a business in New Brunswick for at least consecutive 12 months, or the family supporter has been working in New Brunswick for at least 12 consecutive months.  With regards to the latter, the occupation of the family supporter must be recognized under Canadian immigration law.
  • Financially self supporting. New Brunswick immigration requires, that he family supporter must not have received any social assistance type of financial support from the New Brunswick government within the last 12 months. This includes filing for bankruptcy.
  • Participation. The New Brunswick PNP requires family supporters to participate in an interview with an official from the Population Growth Division. They must also assist the applicant with a Settlement plan.
  • Under the NBPNP, it is only possible to support one applicant at a time, except for the case where the person is supporting more than one child.
  • There are other factors which may prohibited an individual to be a family supporters, such as those individuals who failed to comply with Canadian immigration requirements in the past, those who have defaulted on a court order for alimony or child support, or those who have been charged or convicted of a violent crime.