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Opportunity Lives Here

In order to qualify for the Strategic Occupations Stream, applicant’s must have a job offer from an British Columbia employer. The British Columbia employer must be able to demonstrate that the position cannot be filled by a Canadian citizen or permanent resident. The applicant must also fall under one of the following 5 categories:

  1. Skilled worker category: Foreign nationals with a job offer from an Alberta employer in an occupation that is either managerial, professional, or as a technologists, technician or in a skilled trade (skill type 0 or skill levels A, and B of Canada’s National Occupational Classification Matrix (NOC);
  2. Health care professionals category: Registered nurses, registered physicians, registered psychiatric nurses, and midwives;
  3. International graduate category: For recent graduates of a recognized Canadian post-secondary institution
  4. International Post Graduates Pilot Project: For those who have graduated with a masters and doctorate degree in natural, applied and health sciences. A job offer is not necessary but the applicant must have graduated from a recognized BC institution within the last two years from the date of the application.
  5. A semi-skilled worker. For those in select Tourism/Hospitality occupations, Long-Haul Trucking occupations, and Food Processing occupations.