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Are you interested in Canadian immigration? Do you want to immigrate to Canada and specifically to the province of Nova Scotia? If so, the Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee Program (Nova Scotia PNP) might be the best Canadian immigration solution for you. The Nova Scotia PNP is designed to recruit and select immigrants who intend to settle in the province of Nova Scotia. A Canada immigration attorney from our law firm can provide knowledgeable assistance.

Those who are eligible and nominated through the Nova Scotia Nominee Program, along with their spouse and dependents, will receive their Canadian permanent residency upon approval by the Canadian Federal government. Successful applicants under the Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee Program will be given a Nova Scotia Provincial Nomination Certificate. This certificate will help expedite the applicant’s Canadian immigration process, and therefore help the applicant and his or her family to immigrate to Canada faster. Also, it should be noted that as of July 1st, 2012, some skilled worker applicants will have to submit their official language results with their application when applying to the Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee Program.

Nova Scotia PNP Categories

Immigration to Canada can be done faster through a provincial nominee program. The different options that an individual can apply for in their application to the Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee Program are referred to as streams. The streams are open for qualified skilled workers and other foreign nationals who meet the economic and labour market needs of the province and its various communities. The different streams are not open permanently so it is important to apply while they are still available. Below are the streams that are offered under the Nova Scotia PNP:

  1. The Nova Scotia PNP Skilled Worker Stream
    • For skilled workers with a job offer in Nova Scotia.
  2. The Nova Scotia PNP Regional Labour Market Demand Stream (closed, reopening January 2015)
    • For individuals with skills and work experience that meet Nova Scotia’s labour market needs. Applicants do not require a job offer to qualify for this stream.
  3. The Nova Scotia PNP Family Business Worker Stream
    • For immigrants who are closely related to a Nova Scotia employer, and have received a permanent full-time job offer from that employer.
  4. The Nova Scotia PNP International Graduate Stream
    • For international graduates from a Canadian college/university with a job offer from a Nova Scotia employer.
  5. The Nova Scotia PNP Agri-Food Sector Stream (closed)
  6. The Nova Scotia PNP Non-dependent Child Stream (closed)