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Canadian Immigration Services

Are you interested in immigrating to Vancouver or somewhere in British Columbia? If so, the BC PNP might be the best Canadian immigration solution for you. Under this program, successful applicants are nominated and issued a BC Provincial Nominee Certificate that they are to submit with their application for Canadian permanent residency. The advantage of applying through a provincial nomination program as such is that the certificates issued to successful applicants accelerates the Canadian permanent residency application process. Contact our Canadian immigration services law firm for assistance.

There are two main components to the BC PNP:

1. The Strategic Occupations Component

This component is designed to help BC employers recruit or retain qualified foreign workers to help meet the current and future labour market needs of the province. This component focuses on the following five areas: 1) skilled workers; 2) International Graduates; 3) International Post-Graduates Pilot Project; 4) Designated Health Professionals; 5) Entry Level and Semi-Skilled.

Learn more about this BC PNP component.

2. Business Immigration Component

The Business immigration component is designed to recruit experienced business entrepreneurs who want to invest in and actively manage a business in BC.  Business applicants must fall under one of the three categories

  1. Business Skills Category
  2. Regional Business Category
  3. Strategic Projects Category
  4. Business Succession Plan Buy-Out Subcategory

Learn more about this BC PNP component.