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Quebec Investor Program

This Quebec immigration program is designed for those foreign nationals who have a net worth of at least $1,600,000 CAD and are who willing to invest $800,000 CAD of their own money to the federal government for a duration of five years. The $800,000 CAD investment is government guaranteed and will be returned the applicant in full after five years, however, with no interest. Discuss your options with an experienced Canada immigration attorney.

Quebec Entrepreneur Program

The Quebec Entrepreneur Program focuses on attracting business people who wish to establish or invest in an acceptable business venture. Interested foreign entrepreneurs may be granted special entry into Canada for an “exploratory visit”. An experienced lawyer from our Canadian immigration law firm can discuss your options.

Quebec Self-Employed Worker Program

*IMPORTANT: Following a decision by the government of Quebec, the self-employed worker program is temporarily closed for an unknown period of time.