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Immigrant Investor Program – Business Immigration To Canada

This Program Has Been Permanently Closed

The Immigrant Investor Program is designed to attract qualified business people who are able to contribute to Canada’s growth by making a significant investment into Canada’s economy. Investors who meet all the requirements of this Canadian immigration program, along with their immediate family members, may obtain their Canadian permanent resident visas (so long as they are not found inadmissible for medical or security reasons).

The Requirements

Investors must meet the following requirements to qualify for this Canadian immigration investor program:

  1. The investor must not intend to live in Quebec (see Quebec Investor Program if Quebec is your desired destination);

  2. The investor must be able to demonstrate that he or she has the necessary business experience. This can be done by having owned and operated a qualifying business or by managing a staff of at least 5 employees;

  3. The investor must have a minimum net worth of $1,600,000 CAD (such money must have been legally obtained); and

  4. The investor must make a $800,000 CAD investment to the Government of Canada (which will be returned to the investor 5 years later, without interest).

  5. The investor (and family members) are not found inadmissible on grounds such as health and security.

The Investment

The $800,000 CAD investment to be made by the investor will be administered by Citizenship and Immigration Canada. Citizenship and Immigration Canada will return the $800,000 investment approximately five years and three months after payment, without interest. The investment is guaranteed by the Canadian provinces, which will use the investment to create jobs and help grow the economy.

The Process

Applicants are normally required to make the investment within 30 days of the application being approved. Once the application is approved and the investment is made, the applicant (and his or her immediate family, if applicable) may apply for their permanent resident visas.