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This Nova Scotia PNP stream is meant to help Nova Scotia employers hire immigrants who are related to them. Applicants under this stream must have received a permanent full-time job offer from their relative who owns a business in Nova Scotia. The Family Business Worker (the applicant) must have a valid job offer before applying to this Nova Scotia PNP stream. The employer must demonstrate that he or she was unable to fill the position with a Canadian citizen or a Canadian permanent resident. In order to immigrate to Canada, the Family Business Worker must demonstrate that they have the required skills, education and work experience necessary to do the job they are offered.

In order to be nominated under this Nova Scotia PNP stream, the applicant, or the spouse of the applicant, must be related to the owner of a business, or to the spouse of a business owner, in Nova Scotia. For the purposes of this Nova Scotia PNP stream, the applicant is considered a family member where the applicant is the business owner’s:

  • Son or daughter

  • Brother or sister

  • Niece or nephew

  • Grandchild

A step or half-relative of the same degree is also permitted under this Nova Scotia PNP stream. This stream is a great Canadian immigration solution for those people who want to join their family members already living in Nova Scotia which can offer them permanent full time employment. Canadian immigration laws promote strong family values and recognizes the importance of keeping the family unit close together when people seek immigration to Canada. Once applicants are nominated under this Nova Scotia PNP stream, they may then apply for their Canadian permanent residency.