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Work Experience is an important factor awarded by Canadian Immigration Officers. It is another element that will be considered when determining whether a Skilled Worker applicant will be accepted or refused on their application for Canadian Immigration. While it is not determinative, if the Federal Skilled Worker applicant has zero experience there will likely be an automatic refusal. A Canadian immigration attorney from our law firm can answer your questions about the skilled work experience requirement.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada awards up to 15 points under the Experience Factor. It is based upon the number of years of experience; the maximum number that will be awarded will be for six years; the minimum is one year. The applicable work experience must be acquired in an occupation with an 0, A or B NOC code.

Points are awarded on the following basis:

Work Experience Points (15 max)
One year (Minimum threshold) 9 points
Two – Three years 11 points
Four – Five years 13 points
Six years or more 15 points