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Canada Permanent Resident Lawyer

All Canadian immigration applicants who wish to receive their Canadian permanent resident visa must have a medical exam performed before they immigrate to Canada. Applicants’ personal/family physician cannot do the medical exam. Applicants must find a panel physician in their country that has been approved by the Canadian government to do the medical exams. If you need assistance, contact a Canada permanent resident lawyer from our law firm today.

Medical examinations are generally conducted as standard exams that include blood tests, urine tests, x-rays as well as a review of the applicants’ mental state and medical history. Medical exams may also be required for those who wish to visit, study or work temporarily in Canada (see more info further below).

Medical Inadmissibility

There are two main grounds that someone may be found medically inadmissible to Canada:

  • The applicant’s condition is one that would endanger the safety and/or health of the Canadian public; or
  • The applicant’s condition would place an excessive burden on Canadian social and health services (this does not apply if the applicant is being sponsored, as the sponsor must sign a contract promising to be financially responsible for the applicant).

Medical officers take into account a number of factors in determining whether an applicant should be found inadmissible for medical reasons. The medical officer will consider the nature, severity and likely duration of the health condition. Other factors include whether there is an element of contagion, potential dangerous behavior resulting from the condition, and how much social and health services an applicant might require in Canada.

Medical Exams for Visitors, Students and Temporary Workers

Medical exams may be needed for those who wish to come to Canada as a visitor, student or with a Canada work permit.

Medical exams are often required for work permit applicants who wish to work in jobs where it is important to protect public health. Such jobs are found in health services, child-care, as well as primary and secondary education institutions (high school and under). Medical exams may also be required for work permit applicants who plan to work in an agricultural job and have lived in a designated country or territory. A medical examination may also be required if the applicant wants to work in Canada for more than six months or where the applicant has lived in a designated country or territory for six months within the last year before the date the applicant intends to immigrate to Canada.