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The Steps of your Canadian Immigration Process – Federal Skilled Worker

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Citizenship and Immigration Canada requires some different documents during the immigration process for applicants with Arranged Employment and those who qualify under the list of 24 qualifying occupations. The steps of your Federal Skilled Worker application process are:


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1. Your Application

Your Federal Skilled Worker application will only be processed if it is complete. If your application is incomplete in any way, Canadian immigration authorities will refuse it and/or return the application to the sender; all applications must be complete and true.

The Federal Skilled Worker must include all:

  • Forms; Citizenship and Immigration Canada require that all forms are signed and properly completed.
  • Information; Citizenship and Immigration Canada require all necessary information to make the decision on your Federal Skilled Worker application.
  • Documents; Citizenship and Immigration Canada require all necessary documents to make the decision on your Federal Skilled Worker application; this includes:
    • proof of work experience; language test results;
    • either a Canadian educational credential or a foreign credential and an assessment of your foreign education from an approved agency;
    • A photocopy of your passport’s bio-date pages; and,
    • 2 self-addressed mailing labels

Federal Skilled Worker applicants who are applying under the Arranged Employment stream must also include:

  • Photocopy of your work permit as well as your employer’s offer to employ
  • Copy of an Arranged Employment Opinion from Human Resources and you indeterminately once you are a permanent resident; or Social Development Canada

If these conditions are met, Canadian immigration authorities will initially accept the application and subsequently decide whether the application to the Federal Skilled Worker program will be accepted for processing.

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2. Your application for Canadian Immigration as a Federal Skilled Worker is transferred and reviewed by a Canadian Immigration Visa Officer

The Federal Skilled Worker applicant must select the correct Canadian Immigration Visa Office for processing; as well, all required documents must be included in order for the Canadian immigration Visa Office to fully process you application.

The Canadian immigration officer will assess your documents in order to undertake a detailed analysis of your application. The assessment will consider the current selection criteria and passmark.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada make the decision your Federal Skilled Worker application based on the following criteria:

  • The eligibility criteria for the program and whether you fit into it,
  • The funds that you have to support yourself and your family upon your arrival in Canada,
  • Your medical exam results; and
  • Your police certificate.

3. Personal interview may be required or waived

Citizenship and Immigration Canada may require an interview in order to:

  • Confirm the truthfulness of the application;
  • Clarify any inconsistency in the application;
  • Verify that the work experience and/or education are correct;
  • Act consistent with security concerns for Canadians

4. Issuance of Medical instructions

Citizenship and Immigration Canada will forward medical instructions after an interview is deemed successful, or if the interview has been waived. The Federal Skilled Worker will be required to undergo a medical examination by an approved doctor.

5. Request for your passport and right of Permanent Resident fee

Citizenship and Immigration Canada will then request a payment for your Right of Permanent Resident Fee (RPRF) as well as your passport after the medical results have been received. The Federal Skilled Worker applicant from a Visitor Visa-Exempt country no longer has to submit a passport.

6. Receiving your Permanent Resident Visa for Canadian Immigration

You have received your Permanent Resident Visa when all the other steps are successfully completed. The visa will consist of an expiry date; it is mandatory for you and your accompanying family members to enter Canada by this time.

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