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The International Student Category offers the three different streams listed below:

  1. International Students With a Job Offer Stream
  2. PhD Graduate Stream
  3. Pilot International Masters Graduate Stream

Our proficient Canadian immigration services law firm can answer your questions about the Ontario PNP international student category.

International Students With a Job Offer Stream:

As the name suggests, this stream is for foreign students who have studied in Canada and have a job offer from a Canadian employer. Students may apply for this stream as a student in their last year of studies, or within two years of completing their studies. Like all other streams under the Ontario PNP, the employer offering the position must have the position being offered approved thru a pre-screening process.

Who is eligible?

This stream is available to foreign nationals who have completed at least half of their studies at a publicly-funded Canadian College or University. International students interested in applying must have completed at least a 2 year diploma or degree program while studying full-time. Those who completed a 1 year post-graduate degree/certificate in Canada are also eligible, so long as they have complete a previous degree.

Job Requirements

Applicants under this stream must also have a valid full-time job offer from a Canadian employer. The position being offered must be a designated occupation recognized under Canadian immigration law. The job being offered does not need to be in the applicant’s area of study. Applicants may be ineligible if they are receiving a scholarship which requires them to return to their home country once completing their studies.

Process and Time

The job being offered by the employer must be approved by way of a pre-screening application which is to be initiated by the employer. Once the position is approved, the employer provides the foreign national with an individual application package to be completed by the applicant and submitted to the Ontario government. If approved and nominated by the Ontario Government, the government will then support the immigrant’s application for permanent residency or temporary work permit. Those seeking permanent residency, for themselves and/or accompanying family, must apply for his or her permanent status within six months of being nominated by the province. Once nominated, it can take up to 9-12 months to attain permanent residence.

PhD Graduate Stream

This Ontario PNP stream is for international students who were part of PhD program from a publicly funded university in Ontario.  Students may apply from within or outside Canada, so long as they do so within two years of being granted the PhD degree. Students may also apply if they have successfully completed all requirements for the PhD program and are waiting to be granted their degree. Interested applicants must have at least completed two years of their PhD program from a Ontario University.

Unlike the International graduate stream, the PhD Graduate Stream does not require a job offer to qualify. As such, foreign nationals must start the application process themselves there is no pre-screening application as required under the other streams.

After being nominated by the province, the applicant must then apply to the federal government to acquire their Canadian permanent residency status. It can take up 12 months for one to attain the permanent residency, which is much faster than the 3-5 years necessary under the federal skilled worker stream.

Pilot International Masters Graduate Stream

This Ontario PNP stream is for international students who graduated from a Masters program from an Ontario university. A job offer is not necessary to qualify and applicants must apply within two years of the date which they received their masters degree. The applicant mayalso  apply during the last semester of completing their degree. The interested applicant must have completed a minimum of one academic year while studying on a full time basis.

The applicant must be currently residing in Ontario, have legal status in Canada and not have any kind of Refugee claim. Applicants must be able to demonstrate the have adequate language proficiency, a minimum level of savings or income to support themselves, and must have been residing in Ontario for at least one year within the past two years.

  • Not have further studies as their main activity in the province (e.g., pursuing a PhD or another degree/diploma). Graduates are allowed to pursue further studies, if those are necessary to meet registration requirements in a regulation occupation in Ontario.