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The Quebec Entrepreneur Program focuses on attracting business people who wish to establish or invest in an acceptable business venture. Interested foreign entrepreneurs may be granted special entry into Canada for an “exploratory visit”. An experienced lawyer from our Canadian immigration law firm can discuss your options.

Applicants must meet the following general requirements in order to be eligible for the Quebec Entrepreneur Program:

  • the applicant must have net assets of at least $300,000 CAD, which have been legally obtained. This amount may include the assets of the applicant’s spouse (including common law spouse) provided that the spouse will be accompanying the applicant.
  • The applicant must at least have two years of management experience running a business acquired within the past years from the day the application is submitted. The experience must have been in a business that was both legal and profitable (agricultural, industrial or commercial) and the applicant must have been managing the business alone or with their spouse, while controlling at least 25% of the business’ capital equity.
  • “Business” is defined as a business involved in agricultural, industrial or commercial activities.
  • “Experience running a business”. The applicant must meet the definition of management experience, by demonstrating that they were responsible and assumed full-time duties for all major aspects of running the business  (such as management and control of materials, financial and human resources). Experience from apprenticeships do not count.
  • “Full-time”. The applicant must meet the definition of “full-time”, by demonstrating that they devoted all their working time to management.
  • The applicant must intend on living and starting the proposed business in the province of Quebec.

Starting a Business vs. Acquiring a Business

The Quebec Entrepreneur program has two components for the applicant to choose from which depends on whether the applicant wants to start a business in Quebec or acquire a business in Quebec. Whether the applicant wants to start a business or purchase an existing business in Quebec, the applicant (and the applicant’s spouse if applicable) must own at least 25% of the capital equity of the business they plan to start or acquire in Quebec. Applicants who wish to start their own business must manage the business themselves or with their spouse. Applicant’s who acquire a business must manage the business by themselves or as a partner in the management and the operations of the business (on a daily basis).

The Quebec Entrepreneur Program will also take into account other factors such as:

  • the applicant’s age
  • the nature and duration of the applicant’s training
  • language skills
  • personal qualities and knowledge of Quebec
  • steps taken towards either purchasing or acquiring a business in Quebec
  • the applicant’s ability to carry out a business project (key aspect of the assessment)


Once the applicant arrives in Quebec, the applicant must comply with the following conditions for at least one of three years after being granted their Canadian permanent residency:

  • the applicant must follow through with his or her plan to purchase or acquire an acceptable business with a minimum ownership of 25% of capital equity with a value of at least $100,000.
  • The business must employ a Quebec resident other than the applicant or the applicant’s family member on a full-time basis (minimum of 30 hours per week). The agriculture entrepreneur is not obligated to create or maintain full-time employment.
  • the applicant must participate in the daily management and operations of the business.

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