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The Quebec Experience Class is for foreign nationals who have already either worked or studied in Quebec and who want to immigrate to Quebec.

The Quebec Experience Class is designed to retain those foreign workers and students who have gained experience in the province of Quebec. It is very similar to the Canadian Experience Class provided at the federal level, however, there are some differences. A Canadian immigration lawyer can answer your questions and provide assistance.

The objective of the Quebec Experience Class is to help expedite the Canadian immigration process by giving priority to those foreign students and workers who already have experience living and working in Quebec. Like many Canadian immigration programs, there is a two step process involved in order immigrate to Quebec. First, foreign nationals with experience in Quebec must apply to Quebec Experience Class program administered by they Quebec provincial government. It is possible that applicants can be eligible both as workers and students however applicants must choose one of the two. Successful applicants will be issued a Quebec Selection Certificate, provided by the provincial government of Quebec. Once a Quebec Selection Certificate is issued, the second step involves applying to the federal government for a final review on admissibility and a permanent residency visa. Applicants must submit their Quebec Selection Certificate with their application to the federal government for Canadian permanent residency.

Two categories of people are eligible under the Quebec Experience Class:

  1. Temporary workers who have a skilled job in Quebec.

  1. Foreign students who graduated from a recognized educational institution in Quebec or are studying towards graduating.

Conditions for temporary workers applying under the Quebec Experience Class:

  • Applicant must have at least 12 months of work experience in Quebec in a job that is at a managerial, professional or technical level (above Skill Level C in the NOC), within the last 24 months from the date of their application;

  • The applicant’s work experience in Quebec must have been practiced legally;

  • The applicant’s work experience must have been full-time, at a minimum of 30hrs/week. Part-time work is not eligible under the Quebec Experience Class.

  • Applicant must at least be 18 years old;

  • Applicant must have maintained legal status while working in Quebec and at the time of their application;

  • Must demonstrate that they have adequate knowledge of French (intermediate level) by way of education or exam results.

  • Work experience that is self-employment may also qualify under the Quebec Experience class if the job at an acceptable skill level and the amount of income earned by the self-employed person is equal to a full-time salary.

Conditions for foreign students applying under the Quebec Experience Class:

  • The applicant must have graduated with a degree or diploma from a educational institution recognized by the provincial government;

  • The applicant must have studied in Quebec for at least two years;

  • The applicant must have an intermediate level of French which can be proven by way of educational transcripts or exam results from institutions recognized by the government of Québec.

  • Applicant must be atleast 18 years old;