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United States and Mexican citizens may qualify for certain exemptions, under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), when an application for a Canadian temporary Work Permit is submitted.

Mexican and American citizens who apply for a Canadian Work Permit may qualify for a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) exemption. However, governing regulations for Canadian temporary work visas still apply under NAFTA. Contact a Canadian immigration attorney to discuss your options.

NAFTA-related work streams include the following:

NAFTA Intra-Company Transfers

The NAFTA Intra-Company Transfer program facilitates the movement of those in managerial or executive positions, or those who have specialized knowledge, into the Canadian subsidiary, affiliate or parent branch of the company.  The employee must have maintained continuous employment for at least one of the last three years by the foreign employer; it is also required that the employee be employed by the foreign company in the same position as the one offered in Canada at the time of application. Contact us for general information on intra-company transfers.

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NAFTA Traders and Investors

This category includes either Traders or Investors; Traders are Mexican or American citizens who demonstrate that they have an intention to undertake the substantial trade of goods or services between Canada and their country of citizenship. An Investor’s company must be primarily owned by individuals with American or Mexican citizenship and must demonstrate that invested funds have been irrevocably committed to a new or existing Canadian business. Entry to Canada based on the NAFTA Investor Work Permit is therefore directly linked to developing and directing the Canadian business. The primary Investor may also be able to apply for this category of Work Permits for employees who can be considered essential staff.

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NAFTA Professionals (TN VISA)

A NAFTA Professional Work Permit is open to U.S and Mexican citizens who are qualified for employment in one of the professions outlined by Citizenship and Immigration Canada. These NAFTA Work Permits are available for up to 3 years; however, if the Canadian job is extended, the Work Permit can be renewed. An employer from any Canadian province, including Quebec, is eligible for the NAFTA Professional Work Permit.

Certain professions require a specific level of education; alternatively there is a credential requirement under NAFTA guidelines. The applicant may be required to provide proof of educational credentials or work experience.

Pre-arranged Canadian employment, in an occupation that matches the applicant’s qualifications, is required for NAFTA Professionals. The LMIA requirement is not applicable to NAFTA Professionals, allowing easier access to Canada’s labour market.

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