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The PEI Provincial Nominee Program is for those individuals who are interested in Canadian immigration and who wish to settle in the province of Prince Edward Island. The PEI PNP and other provincial nominee programs are a popular option with foreign nationals because such programs allow for a faster Canadian immigration process, helping foreign nationals to immigrate to Canada more quickly than under federal programs.

The PEI Provincial Nominee Program is designed to nominate those people who meet certain requirements and who can make a positive contribution to the province. There are two different categories that individuals can apply under the PEI PNP. Within each category there are a number of different steams that individuals can apply for. The first category is known as the Business Impact Category, and the second is the Labour Impact Category.

The PEI PNP Business Impact Category

The PEI PNP Business Impact category is for foreign nationals who are interested in investing in and actively managing a business in Prince Edward Island. There are three different streams that applicants can apply for under the PEI PNP Business Impact Category:

  1. 100% ownership stream: For those foreign nationals who wish to either start their own business in PEI where they would own 100% of the business’ equity. This PEI immigration stream is also open for those who wish to buy 100% of an existing PEI business.
  2. Partial ownership stream: This PEI immigration stream is for those individuals who want to purchase 1/3 of the equity in a PEI business, or make a minimum equity investment of 1,000,000 dollars in a PEI company.
  3. Work Permit Stream: This PEI PNP stream has the exact same requirements as the Partial Ownership stream except that applicants under this stream are granted a work permit to come and work for the company they intend to invest in, before making such an investment.

PEI PNP Labour Impact Category

The PEI PNP Labour Impact Category is designed to help PEI meet it’s labour market needs by nominating foreign nationals with the right skills and education to come work and live in PEI. Below you will find a list of those streams available under this category:

  1. Skilled Worker Stream: This stream allows PEI employers to hire those foreign nationals who have the required skills and education. Foreign nationals must meet a number of requirements before being nominated under this PEI PNP stream.
  2. Critical Worker Stream: This stream is for those individual who have job offers in the following occupations: truck drivers, customer service representatives, labourer, food and beverage server and housekeeping.

NOTE: The PEI PNP International Graduate Stream and the Family Connection Stream under this category closed on December 31, 2012. As such, the government is no longer accepting applications for these PEI PNP streams. Individuals interested in streams which are now closed may have other options under federal Canadian immigration programs. Please contact a Canadian immigration attorney from our law firm or fill out our assessment form to know more about your options.