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Canada To Implement EOI Immigration Model – Canadian Immigration News

Canada To Implement EOI Immigration Model

In an effort to better attract skilled immigrants to fill gaps in Canada’s labor market, Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) plans to implement a new “Expression of Interest” (EOI) system. According to CIC, implementation of the plan will benefit both the Canadian economy and immigrants by matching prospective newcomers with work opportunities. The new system is scheduled for implementation in 2015, bringing some significant changes to the current Canadian immigration model. The new EOI system is based largely on a method first implemented in New Zealand and later adopted by Australia in 2012. Individuals who wish to learn more about immigration to Canada and the new EOI system should consult a Canadian immigration lawyer

How Does an Expression of Interest System Work?

The EOI system operates by having those interested in immigrating to Canada indicate so by filling out an online form. The form gathers information about the applicant including work history, educational level, and proof of language proficiency. According to a press release from Canadian immigration officials, candidates would then be assigned a score and ranked.  After expressing interest in immigrating to Canada, qualified applicants are placed in a pool that Canadian employers and various governmental units can access to select the most desirable for available positions.

How does this affect Current Immigration Policies?

CIC has not entirely indicated how the new EOI system might affect current Canadian immigration processes.  However, it is designed to more efficiently streamline skilled worker applicants into various Canadian immigration programs (e.g. Federal Skilled Worker Program).  With regards to faster Federal Skilled Worker Program processing times, CIC suggested, permanent immigration processing in months versus years.”  In order to qualify for the Federal Skilled Worker program, an applicant must meet the following criteria:

  • At least one year of continuous full-time (or its equivalent) employment in an eligible occupation
  • Demonstrate language proficiency in speaking, listening, reading, and writing in either French or English
  • Obtain 67 points or greater on the point grid, which takes into account factors like age, education, experience, and language proficiency
  • Have foreign educational credential assessed and given an equivalent value in Canada

Precisely how the new system will interact with existing Canadian immigration programs is yet to be determined.  However, CIC is touting the EOI model as a more active and efficient way for Canada to attract highly skilled workers.

There are many other ways to immigrate to Canada, including Canadian immigration programs for family members, business investors, business entrepreneurs, those who are self-employed, and visas for visitors and students. In order to determine which program is right for you, it is ideal to have your situation assessed by an experienced Canadian immigration attorney.  To schedule a free consultation with a Canadian immigration lawyer, contact First Immigration Law Firm toll-free at 1 (855) 360-4333 from North America, or internationally at 1 (514) 360-4333.