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New Rules For Those Criminally Inadmissible To Canada – Canadian Immigration News

Criminal Inadmissibility To Canada Spurs New Procedure – Serious Criminality On June 20, 2013, Canadian Immigration Minister Jason Kenney announced the coming into effect of the Faster Removal of Foreign Criminals Act. The law is intended to keep Canadians safer by putting an end to lengthy appeals and loopholes dangerous foreign criminals were using to delay their deportation from Canada.  Such removal delays often resulted

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Improving Canada’s Citizenship Process – Canadian Immigration News

Improving Canada’s Citizenship Process  Citizenship and Immigration Minister Jason Kenney recently announced that candidates who fail their citizenship examination will now be able to write it a second time, instead of a requisite appointment with a citizenship judge first. The new measure ensures Canadian permanent residents are able to obtain Canadian citizenship more quickly, by removing unnecessary administrative hurdles encountered when applicants fail their Canadian

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