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Canada to Expand Provincial Nominee Program – Canadian Immigration News

Candidates seeking to immigrate to Canada have a number of options available to them. Canadian immigration programs incorporate a number of considerations into their selection criteria, such as country of origin, educational experience, profession, and available work opportunities. Recognizing the potential economic and social value of a well-managed immigration model, Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) and Immigration Minister Chris Alexander have announced several new programs

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Ontario Considers Act to Protect Vulnerable Workers – Canadian Immigration News

Those who immigrate to Canada for temporary or seasonal work are often economically vulnerable to exploitation by unscrupulous recruiters and employers. In an effort to protect these workers, Ontario Minister of Labour Yasir Naqvi announced new proposed legislation earlier this month aimed at strengthening migrant worker’s legal rights as well as penalties for violating them. Immigrant workers with these, or other immigration issues, may benefit

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