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Police arrest 68th offender from “Wanted by the CBSA” list

OTTAWA, May 2016 – As reported by Global News and other media outlets, Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) has announced the arrest of William Arquimides Orellana Melendez. Now 35 years old, Melendez is the 68th individual from the “Wanted by the CBSA” list to be found and arrested in the country. The El Salvadoran-born man was on the list for nearly five years before Saskatoon

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Canadian immigration detainee released after nearly six years

Somali-born man spent 67 months in an Ontario jail awaiting removal from Canada Case raises questions about deportation and immigrant detention ONTARIO, JANUARY 2016 – A Somali national was finally released after 67 months in a high-security prison in Lindsay, Ontario, where he was detained after refusing to sign a consent form to be deported to his country of birth. His case has called into

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Alberta CBSA report for February and March

Gun possession, pornography, and drug charges make American travellers criminally inadmissible to Canada APRIL 2016 – Every month in 2015, southern Alberta border agents processed an average of 95,421 travellers in 38,679 automobiles and 10,755 commercial trucks, according to official statistics from Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA). But not all of these individuals make it across the border from the States, as several are found criminally inadmissible for

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