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Police arrest 68th offender from “Wanted by the CBSA” list

OTTAWA, May 2016 – As reported by Global News and other media outlets, Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) has announced the arrest of William Arquimides Orellana Melendez. Now 35 years old, Melendez is the 68th individual from the “Wanted by the CBSA” list to be found and arrested in the country.

The El Salvadoran-born man was on the list for nearly five years before Saskatoon Police officers apprehended him on May 11th in the prairies. His last known address had been in Edmonton, Alberta.

Serious criminality

Also known as William Melendez Aqrumiets, W. Azrumiets Melendez, and William Arquimi Melendez among other aliases, he had been wanted for removal on a Canada-wide arrest warrant since October 2011. Melendez was found inadmissible to Canada due to serious criminality for a fraud conviction involving charges exceeding $5000. Fraud is among the most common economic offenses or ‘white-collar’ crimes that may lead to criminal inadmissibility under Canadian immigration law.

News of Melendez’s warrant for removal circulated through various channels, including the internet. In April 2015, a posting on the Facebook group for the Edmonton Crime Report provided the public with a picture and physical description of Melendez, citing such physical details as a tattoo of his surname on his right forearm, and scars on his left forearm and left knee.

Wanted list

The “Wanted by the CBSA” program was initiated to solicit public aid in tracking down criminals at large who are the subject of a warrant under the Canadian Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA). With the recent arrest of Melendez, a total of 68 individuals to date have been located in Canada as a result of the program, 61 of whom have been removed from the country. An additional 18 individuals from the list have been found outside national borders.

Melendez’s arrest by Saskatchewan authorities comes during a busy year for CBSA agents in the province. By February 2016, border officers in Saskatchewan had prevented a total of 36 foreign nationals with criminal records from entering Canada. According to an official CBSA report, the records of these criminally inadmissible individuals included such offences as impaired driving and firearms possession.

Outside of Saskatchewan, the “Wanted by the CBSA” list has already yielded at least one more arrest this year. Dannie Motieram was wanted on a CBSA arrest warrant for removal since September 2013. Apprehended in the Greater Toronto Area on February 22nd by CBSA officers from the Greater Toronto Enforcement Office, Motieram was deemed criminally inadmissible to Canada for serious criminality after being convicted for robbery, extortion, and forcible confinement.

Criminal inadmissibility under the IRPA is determined by a Canadian immigration administrator, or sometimes CBSA officer, who deems the individual unauthorized to enter or remain within Canadian borders. A finding of inadmissibility is a distinct process from the criminal conviction that caused the individual to be found inadmissible under the IRPA. Our website contains extensive information about criminal inadmissibility, including many of the offences that may lead someone to be found criminally inadmissible to Canada. If you are concerned that an infraction on your record may prevent you from crossing the border to Canada or from remaining within the country, you should consult a knowledgeable legal professional. Contact First Immigration Law Firm toll-free in North America at 1-855-360-4333.