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New Canadian Study Permit Rules For Foreign Students

New CIC rules improve services for international students Citizenship and Immigration Canada will soon enforce new regulation for international students. The updated rules will help maintain the integrity of the Canada study permit program by ensuring study permits go to applicants intent on pursuing their studies in Canada. The following changes will be effective as of June 1, 2014: Required enrolment and continuing attendance Currently,

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Ontario Chamber of Commerce Calls for Increased EOI System Efficiency

Ontario Chamber of Commerce Calls for Increased EOI System Efficiency In order to more effectively attract the best and the brightest workers, Canadian Immigration Minister Chris Alexander is implementing the new “Expression of Interest” EOI system for skilled immigrant workers in early 2015. The EOI system, which we first blogged about here, operates by allowing interested individuals to electronically provide information regarding their educational and

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Canadian Immigration Improvements in 2014 – Canadian Immigration News

Canadian immigration minister Chris Alexander has outlined his goals for Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) in 2014, including improved services for prospective immigrants, and shorter waiting times for visas. Continued focus on skill-based immigration Mr. Alexander’s plans follow the policy changes of the previous minister, Jason Kenney. Between 2008 and 2013, Kenney re-directed the focus of Canadian immigration from family-stream to skill- and employment-based applicants,

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Canada Work Permit Options For Foreign Companies – Canadian Immigration News

Options for Doing International Business in Canada  Whether to meet with Canadian clients, or otherwise expand into the Canadian market, businesses outside of Canada sometimes need to send representatives into the country. These work-related trips have begun to receive heightened scrutiny from Canadian immigration authorities, often resulting in untimely delays or even refusals for businesses previously accustomed to sending employees to Canada. Fortunately, foreign business

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