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Immigration Minister Chris Alexander asserts, “Express Entry promises to be a game changer for Canadian immigration and Canada’s economy.”


The Express Entry Canadian immigration system, launched Jan 1st, 2015, facilitates the processing and selection of Canada’s economic programs: the Federal Skilled Trades Program, the Federal Skilled Worker Program, the Canadian Experience class and a portion of the Provincial Nomination Program (PNP). Express Entry will be used by all territories and provinces, except Nunavut and Quebec. This system is a way to streamline the application process for these Canadian immigration programs utilizing specific criteria. The government claims that in 80% of cases this streamlining, from the moment a complete application is received, to the final decision being made, will take six months or less. As before, a points system will be used by the government, but the new Express Entry program now uses an electronic management application system.


Under the Skilled Trades Program, Canadian Experience Class program and Skilled Worker Program, individuals seeking immigration to Canada will be assessed by a set of measures and assigned a ranking. The Comprehensive Ranking System formula has an accumulated score of 1,200. This ranking is built on four basic components: education and age, skills transferability, spousal factors and a job offer in place or an invitation from a provincial or territorial immigration program (PNP). The last component is a rankings booster as it carries a score of 600 points.

If a candidate’s Express Entry profile ranking signifies that they meet the measures for one of Canada’s immigration programs, their profile will be added to a collection of applicants for that particular program.


Potential immigrants, under one of the economic immigration programs, will need to create an online profile. This profile will be based on the individual’s own evaluation of their personal information.

The Comprehensive Ranking System’s formula will be applied to the profile with up to 600 points given for a candidate’s suitability under one of the programs. An additional 600 points are given to individuals who have a confirmed job offer.

Applicants will also be required to register with the Canada Job Bank, unless they have a job offer in place or an invitation from a provincial or territorial immigration program. The Canada Job Bank is an online search engine for jobs across Canada.  Its purpose is to connect Canadian employers with an applicant, based on the applicant’s knowledge, experience and skills. A Canadian employer, seeking to fill a position, selects from the pool of candidates that meet the employer’s needs and makes a job offer.

Individual’s profiles remain in the Express Entry pool for a 12-month period. Following this time frame, a candidate will be required to create a new profile.


The Canadian government will decide who can submit a formal application to immigrate through periodic draws of available profiles. The time and date of the draws will be published and plan to be held approximately 15 to 25 times during the course of a year. Fluctuations in the labour market will be a mitigating factor, affecting the timing and number of people being selected.

Candidates, who meet a particular points level, will receive an invitation to apply. Once candidates receive an invitation to apply they have 60 days to file a complete electronic application with supporting documentation. If the 60-day limit to apply is missed, the invitation is no longer valid.

After each draw, the government will release information about the number of invitations that were issued and what the lowest score for that draw was. This will enable Canadian immigration candidates to have a goal or target that they can try to meet or exceed.

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