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Record Number of International students attend Canadian Universities in 2012

Over 100,000 Canadian study permits were issued to new international students in 2012, making it a record-breaking year for the Canadian education system. The number of international students coming to Canada has been rapidly growing in recent years, with an increase of 60% since 2007 and growing at a rate of nearly 7% annually. Currently, there are approximately 260,000 international students in Canada who are

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The New “Bridging Open Work Permit” – Canadian Immigration News

The new “Bridging Open Work Permit” – Canadian Immigration News On December 17, 2012, Canadian immigration officials announced the creation of the new “Bridging Open Work Permit”. The bridging open work permit was designed to help certain federal economic-class applicants maintain legal working status in Canada, while they await a final determination on their Canadian permanent residency application. The bridging open work permit allows permanent

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