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Why hire a Temporary Resident Permit lawyer?

Why is hiring a Temporary Resident Permit (TRP) lawyer advisable when seeking access to Canada?

Hiring a Temporary Resident Permit (TRP) lawyer to handle your application will often yield better results than going at it alone. First Immigration Law Firm has submitted hundreds of applications with a success rate that surpasses most, if not all, other law firms.

Frequently, individuals make the incorrect assumption that applying for a Temporary Resident Permit is a simple process; it is not. TRP applications are intended for submission to a Canadian consulate. Processing times can take months, so it is advisable that travellers make arrangements to rectify their criminal inadmissibility long before attempting to enter Canada.

In select cases, it may be possible to obtain a Temporary Resident Permit at a port of entry; however, this route is not advised without first speaking with a lawyer or licensed practitioner.  When our firm submits a Temporary Resident Permit application on your behalf, you can rest assured we have put forward the most compelling narrative relating to your circumstances possible.  First Immigration Law Firm has years of experience dealing with Canadian immigration officers who render decisions on TRP applications.

Temporary Resident Permits can be valid for up to three years, depending on the strength of the application. Visa officers have complete discretion when determining whether or not to issue a Temporary Resident Permit – they may refuse an application for any reason they see fit.

Once a Temporary Resident Permit application has been refused, there is no recourse, other than to reapply under new circumstances. Therefore, when submitting an application it is important to succeed the first time, since reapplying after a refusal is often more difficult.

Temporary Resident Permits are not generally issued for leisure purposes, although it is possible to obtain one for such reasons. A good Temporary Resident Permit lawyer can help you determine whether or not your circumstances are appropriate for a TRP application. Temporary Resident Permits are only issued when an assessing officer is convinced that the applicant does not pose a threat to Canada and has a valid reason to enter Canada despite their criminal inadmissibility status.

Temporary Resident Permits are not designed to permanently remedy criminal inadmissibility. The permanent fix to criminal inadmissibility is criminal rehabilitation. Sometimes, when warranted, a Temporary Resident Permit can be obtained in conjunction with a criminal rehabilitation application submission, as consulate processing for those applications can be lengthy. The idea is to obtain a Temporary Resident Permit long enough to allow for processing of your criminal rehabilitation application.

It is important to note that American lawyers are not licensed to represent applicants on Temporary Resident Permit applications. Our firm is regularly contacted to clean up messes made by those who provided poor counsel and services because they were not authorized to advise on Canadian immigration matters. An experienced Canadian immigration lawyer will navigate law and policy to guide you along the most intelligent and efficient process.

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